April 22nd, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

So long NBA...

My mom just called. According to Barry Temkin's column today, Brian James is taking the head boys basketball gig at Hinsdale Central.

BJ was my head coach at Glenbrook North, back in the day. He left in 1995, after North's second trip downstate, to take an assistant's job under Doug Collins in Detroit. Three years later, when Doug was fired and his staff was let go, BJ nearly went to St. Charles, but at the last minute, the Toronto Raptors came calling, and he spent three years there as an assistant. From there, it was a stint in Washington, again as an assistant to Doug. When Michael Jordan calls and offers you a job, you say yes. The last couple of years, since the Wizards turned over staff, he's been scouting and doing TV commentary.

[Edit: I don't know how I left BJ's full name out of the first line...]
Enterprise Bridge

Power fail

The power went out here at 4:51pm, and stayed out 'till 6:41. That's the longest I think it's ever failed since I've lived here, in maybe the third or fourth non-scheduled instance in the six years and change I've lived here. The previous longest was, I believe, about ten minutes. The neighboring grid, which feeds the traffic lights on Community Rd, was not affected.

Say what you like about SDG&E (and once you bring Sempra Energy, their parent, into the game, there's a lot--these are the clowns that held their annual meeting in London so Joe-average stockholders wouldn't show up,) they're pretty damned reliable. Four incidents and two hours' downtime is a good summer for ComEd.

My APC SmartUPS 700XL is behaving oddly. My volt meter tells me its battery is fully charged at 24VDC, but the UPS itself claims the battery is dead. Worse, it won't run (even with main power connected) without the battery. *grumble*
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