March 30th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Terri Schiavo's brain (or lack thereof)

Look here.

Brain gone.

Gone gone gone gone gone.

Lights on, nobody home. No house for anybody to return to. There is no substantial cerebrum left. No place for the person who was Terri Schaivo to inhabit. All that's left is the empty shell of a body. A walking corpse. A woman-shaped lump of organic matter with a cerebellum that keeps the matter from dying and decomposing, as long as you feed it. But there's no person there anymore.

Your dog is more alive than Terri Schaivo.

A gerbil stuffed up Richard Gere's ass is more alive than Terri Schaivo. (At least until it suffocates.)

She's gone. Let her go. And a pox upon the politicians and the pro-lifers who have abused this woman for their gain.
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Enterprise Bridge

I don't believe in protecting the guilty

So I will tell you that Laura K. Pahl of Lewis University is a Plagiarist.

Borrowing a line or even a paragraph is lazy. Offering to BUY A PAPER is criminal. Each school makes its students aware of what the penalties are for plagiarism, so she has no grounds to complain about whatever Lewis deigns to smack her with. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. She deserves whatever she gets.

I would not have cashed the check. I don't know if Nate did, but I wouldn't. I'm all for fucking with stupid people, but I would feel dirty taking money from them.