January 19th, 2005

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Another hour of my life I won't get back. Plugging my iPod into either Mac last night caused a kernel panic when iTunes tried to talk to it. I wound up restoring it with the update program and reloading it. In the process, I noted that all the tracks from TMBG's Flood album were MP2 files instead of MP3, which explains why I could never find them on the iPod (they aren't playable, and iTunes won't copy them.) Their tags didn't indicate what program compressed them, and I can't think of where I would've gotten them besides ripping them from my own CD. *shrug* Fixed now...

My baseball team went 0-for-4 in last weekend's tournament, one of the worst-run tourneys I've ever seen. The first game Saturday started an hour late because there were no bases on the field. The second over an hour and a half late because the league's printed directions to Chino Hills HS sent people the wrong way on CA-60. Game 3 on Saturday morning, the umpires declared the games would last only 7 innings. We find out later that the league had made no such change, the umpires had acted entirely on their own. Game four started 50 minutes late because the other team had to drive 40 miles to get there from their third game, and was called after 8 innings due to darkness. I understand the schedule had to be rewritten from scratch as last week's rain forced the league to find new fields when they arrived on Wednesday. But for $1300, I expect better than this. Communication was horrible. It took until late Saturday night for Nate to get anyone on the bloody phone.

I got back Monday lunchtime and went paintballing with Eric and his friends. The Velocity fields in Ramona are heavily wooded, and I've never before seen them with grass on the ground. The rain has greened over the entire county. I think my next paintball purchase needs to be a conversion to compressed air and a remote kit for that tank. With CO2, my gun jams far too often when my electronic trigger is set for burst fire.

Today, I think I can finally clear off the last items from the To-Do list I've been nursing along for the past two weeks, and maybe get some of the crap in the house up on eBay. Well, maybe tomorrow for eBay... basketball tonight at Westview.

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. Wear black.
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Another basketball scoregeek post...

This is fucking vintage: Vintage Nevco full-size basketball scoreboard. The seller claims it's from the 1940s, but I have severe doubts about that--the time display is digital. Photos and ads I've seen from the 40s and 50s all had mechanical clocks. This is probably '60s hardware. If you look closely at the score panels, there's enough lights there to do properly-shaped digits (a curved '2' instead of the 7-segment style you see on the clock display above it.) The controller hardware lying in front looks about the same vintage. The shape of the top of the cabinet is rounded, as if it accomodated a round mechanical clock face--this might have been one of Nevco's first models with a digital clock.
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It's Wednesday, so I made my weekly stop at Comic Gallery to buy this week's new issues.

And learned they're closing the Mira Mesa location.

There are three CG locations, the two in Escondido and San Diego/Clairemont will remain open. But the overhead costs (rent and paying bodies to man the stores) have gotten large, and sales have dropped over the past five years, so the owner feels he needs to trim his operation down. Worse, he's not offering Sara and Andrew (the SD/MM store staff) jobs at the remaining stores. I started buying comics there because it was the only store I knew of. Despite later finding a store here in Poway that's a lot closer, I kept going to CG because of the staff and the other customers.

The staff shares my bent sense of humor, and Sara's another Warren Ellis fan. While they sell CCGs and RPGs, they don't host games (the store's too small,) so there's no teen/pre-teen gamer crowd constantly hanging out. God knows I don't mind kids, but the group of regulars you meet on Wednesdays trends older and more mature, so it's no big deal when the topic and language of conversation goes beyond what's suitable for young ears. The sexual elements of some comics. The 6th grade teacher venting about her students. Anything Warren Ellis has ever written about. Can't talk like that in a store like the one in Poway. They're a neat group of people, and I'm going to miss them.

Speaking of the teacher... she's got a "good Christian boy with Aws-berger's Syndrome" in her class. "Isn't that called Asberger's?" "Yeah, but these are sixth graders. You know you'd never hear the end of it from your classmates if you had 'ASS-BURGER'S'!" Too true. They have a hard enough time with the "ASS-SYRIANS!" attacking the "BABE-A-LONIANS!"

This sucks. This is a little community going away, and two good people losing their jobs in the midst of it. Sara says she's going to do some writing, but still. This sucks.

Yeah, and my basketball team went and lost to Westview in their inaugural meeting tonight. Our attitude problems are fucking killing us.
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