December 10th, 2004

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Rolling along...

Glenbrook North is 5-0, beating a Missouri small-school powerhouse in the KMOX Shootout at the Saavis Center yesterday afternoon. Both Jon Scheyer and Sean Wallis had bad offensive games, and they still won. (They beat New Trier handily last Friday with Scheyer off and Wallis on.) There's something in the water in Northbrook these days... I forget how tall Wallis is, but the rest of the starters and head of the bench are all 6'5" and over. This is a huge team. (By comparison, my senior year we had a 7'0" center, a 6'4" #4, and everyone else was 6'2" or shorter, including a 5'7" sophomore backup point guard.)

I'll see them play a game or two at Proviso West, and if they make it back downstate, I'll fly home again to catch it in March.