December 7th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Another day,

another day without a second shot clock. Our sales contact is investigating, but we officially have no word on what the deal is. The girls play tomorrow night, I'll be dragging out the old clocks again. *grumble*

Running errands, KGB played Asia's "Only Time Will Tell"... yet another song I associate with Randhurst Mall. It's one thing for music to evoke memories of specific events, but just a place with no particular event? Foreigner's "Head Games" also ties with Randhurst, so I wonder if both didn't play on the same unusually stressful trip to that mall?
Enterprise Bridge


Qualcomm split 2:1 mid-August, I totally missed it. I checked the price on a whim today, about $43/share. That's what it was the last time I looked, several months ago, so I didn't think anything of it. I flipped through price charts out of idle curiosity, and was surprised to see a split notation.

...Flipping through the Tribune, Barack Obama has picked up Tom Daschle's chief of staff, and a seat on the Foreign Relations committee. I'd say the party is grooming him for Big Things.