December 6th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge


The rain came again today, washing out baseball and buying me hours of productivity. I cleaned the garage out. I didn't throw anything away, except for dirt and emptied hardware containers. It was really just an organizational binge. Months of parts and tools had piled up on the floor in front of the workbench, the bench being covered with boxes storing tools and more parts. Half-empty boxes stacked haphazardly by the wall prevented setting up the shelf unit I bought to clear the workbench onto. The mess left just enough room to maneuver the car in, carefully.

Now, everything's in its place. Small packages of screws and bolts and wirenuts are sorted into their little parts drawers. Things are stuck on shelves and pushed back against walls. I can get close to the washer and dryer again. There is space to stage boxes for shipping, at last I can start clearing crap out through eBay. The boxes will make room for my Christmas tree. I now know where the staples are I'll need to hang the lights with.

Perhaps next month, I can finally close up the downstairs bathroom ceiling, part of which I cut out due to water damage over a year ago. :-) But I'm definitely not touching that before Christmas!
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Enterprise Bridge

Another day...

Another IE hole.

Last month, I moved my basketball coach off IE and onto Firefox. Yesterday, I made Brian's mom do the same thing. Despite my (heeded!) warnings to NOT click any popups, to only click the Windows close box in the upper corner, Ad Aware and Spybot S&D reported a raft of crap since my last visit.

As always, none of my Macintoshes have any problems. I'm moving from Netscape 7.2 to Firefox on those too, and am mostly happy. Where I'm not happy is that Firefox fails to import bookmarks from Netscape. It destroys them instead. And new tabs don't automatically open the home page.