November 30th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge


So the second shot clock didn't show up yesterday. It didn't show up today either. If it really did ship the Thursday before Thanksgiving, it should be here by now, even if it is coming UPS Ground from South Dakota. Dan Crane made phone calls, and the word came back that it's being overnighted to us. This left me pretty jubilant... yeah, I know, I shouldn't believe it 'till I lay eyes on the box and hands on its contents, but still, we weren't told something like, "But you only ordered one!" (No, we ordered a pair!) I have faith it'll show tomorrow or Thursday (depending on ship deadlines) and we'll be fully in business by the time the girls play at home again on Thursday.

Yeah, "again"... they opened at home tonight in pool play of the (RB) Bronco Invitational. (San Pasqual isn't any good this year, it was an easy win.) I planned for this possibility, that the new shot clocks wouldn't be available, and kept the old ones intact in my garage, along with the old coax cable I pulled out last week. Setting them up on the floor was cake, and worked perfectly.

Marty and I finished everything short of installing that last clock over the Thanksgiving holiday. The racks to hold the clocks were repainted and redrilled, we fought the wacky old block-masonry construction of the gym to sink anchors to hold them, installed plywood bottoms, and screwed the one clock we did have to the plywood. It ain't going nowhere, and it works just great. All I have to do when its partner arrives is change the power plug (the old ones had twist-locks, I see no reason to abandon that,) plug it in, and screw it in place.

(Yes, (other) Dan, I'm getting your mail. Now that I'm out from under football, things are settling down and I can go through the (large) directory of unsorted photos. Tomorrow, I hope.)

Yeah, football's done too now, with the banquet last night. I finished the final statistics sitting at the table, and distributed typed copies today. I'm disappointed I didn't get the software working to do that automatically, but I have a very good idea how it will work, and what I do write will be much, much better than it would have been. Next year is going to be much easier. And much more fun... I'm going to miss a lot of the seniors we're graduating (they're a fun, dedicated bunch,) but the kids coming back have so much potential, and are such a good crowd, it'll be easier to cope with.