October 21st, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Sing a hymn, won't you?

The tracks I bought from iTMS today, I've stripped the copy protection from using hymn. My sister just lost a hard drive through no fault of her own. Dunno how long the means will remain in place to recover from that, so as a matter of course, I refuse to allow DRM to remain in my active music library.

It was The Wire night on Law & Order. Five different actors from the HBO series guested on tonight's episode. Wendell Pierce (y'all know him as Agent Richard Gill) was listed in the guest credits in Act I, but everyone else got end-credit billing, so they were surprises when they popped up. Reminds me of the two occasions when Homicide crossed over Law & Order.

I won't spoil tonight's West Wing, which I liked. But I will note that the musical score sounds different, enough that I wondered if Snuffy Walden had been replaced. And why the hell has the entire staff turned into a bunch of war hawks? I almost expect it from pick-two-of Josh, Toby, and Will, being Jewish. But everybody? They're supposed to be Democrats!
Enterprise Bridge

Missing PE lyrics

Nothing exists on the network, so here's a transcription. (Note for you kids at home, lyrics go behind <lj-cut>)
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