October 20th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge


It's raining for the fourth day in a row here. Apparently, some storm blew down from Alaska. God, we need the fucking rain. There are some fires elsewhere in the state, though nothing yet of the magnitude we started getting this time last year. We had been on alert for the last month for similar dangerous conditions--the Cleveland National Forest was placed under severe use restrictions, and closed entirely south of Interstate 8. For as much of the county that burned in the Cedar and Crest fires, there's plenty left.

The rains flooded out a lot of the hilly backcountry that burned last year, particularly in Valley Center. That's always part of the cycle... I'm sure somebody who barely escaped burnination last year is now crying over flood destruction. All baseball functions have been rained out... the rain hasn't been constant, but the cloud cover has been frequent enough we don't get enough sunlight to bake fields dry. The Community Park field my kids' team plays on is a big mudpit, with standing water between first and second base.

The West Wing premieres tonight, finally. I'm hoping pretty hard that it's still good. A lot of last season was disappointing, but it seemed by the end that they'd begun to find a voice again. Not its original voice--Aaron Sorkin is too unique a talent for that.

Tommy Schlamme directed last Sunday's Jack And Bobby. I still like where that show's going. The characters are still making progress, but it's still not overnight changes. The mom is still fucking nuts.

I finally rented Fahrenheit 9/11. I never did get around to seeing it in the theaters. It was indeed very, very good. Moore's propagandist slant does show, but I think mainly so in the editing, in what material he chose to include. I really don't think he editorializes heavily in his narration. It's not as bad as I expected in terms of preaching-to-the-choir. A lot of the blind Republican crowd that hasn't made itself aware of the daily life of the troops, or the way we treat prisoners over there should find some things to think about. But there's several sections where I would have done things differently to reach out to those people.

I spent a bit of the morning nosing around the iTunes music store. Ran across Moby and Public Enemy's "Make Love Fuck War". It's a damned good, catchy track. Music by Moby, masterful lyrics as always by Chuck D and Flavor Flav. "Power to the people 'cause th epeople want peace!"