October 7th, 2004

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Proper dissent

This open letter to the president, written and signed by several business school professors, is the kind of dissent we need to hear more of. Calm, respectful, and reasoned. Not just to the executive, but to individual legislators and to the media as well. Hysterical polemic screeds do little to help. They don't get your opposition to pause and think, and they make you sound like a loon to the moderate and undecided folks in the middle.
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Ebert gets a facelift

No, not that kind1. The Sun-Times has spruced up his corner of their web site. His reviews (including a deep archive) are directly accessible as http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/

1Honestly, it's kinda depressing, Roger really is starting to show his age. I remember watching Roger and Gene Siskel in their WTTW-produced Sneak Previews days, which showed them sneaking into the balcony of the old Plitt2 Will Rogers theater on the North Side. The Will Rogers was close to my grandmother's house, so it was where my sisters and I frequently saw movies. People you're familiar with when you're that age just aren't supposed to get old! It's bad enough that Gene died a few years back...

2Later Cineplex Odeon, later (Sony-)Loews Cineplex, God only knows what that conglomerate is calling itself this week...
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Here we go again

There's another Katherine Harris operating in Ohio, fucking around to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters. (Just now deciding to enforce an ancient unenforced law about voter registration cards being "at least postcard weight"?!! WTF?)

The article also mentions GOP voter intimidation squads, which I've read about before. I don't understand why Dem and libertarian groups don't form their own observation squads to go out with camcorders and spot the thugs. Get the word out through other get-out-the-vote groups that if people see thugs, give us a holler so we can get a record of the motherfuckers.