October 5th, 2004

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Life imitates art

...with utterly sucky results.

Eric Sears graduated from Carlsbad HS this June. He disappeared July 15th, just shy of his 18th birthday, in Joshua Tree National Forest, where he'd been hiking with a friend. Eight days later, they found his body a mile and a half from where he'd last been seen. The toxicology results finally came back last week, but what was indicated on it wasn't strong enough to conclusively finger a cause of death. It did, however, show the presence of chemicals consistent with ingestion of jimson weed. Eric's friend Ben Fogelstrom acknowledged the two had made tea out of the hallucinogenic plant while hiking. The authorities believe that Eric became disoriented and possibly panicky due to the plant's effects, and that's what caused him to leave his campsite, probably leading to his death.

CBS reran a first-season episode of C.S.I. last week that dealt with exactly the same thing. Two teenage kids out partying in the desert, use some jimson weed, making tea out of it, when one of them gets scared out of his wits, runs naked across the desert 'till he collapses and is found days later.
Enterprise Bridge

Either you rock, or you suck...

WLUP-FM was sold this week by Bonneville Broadcasting to Emmis Communications. Bonneville bought the Loop off Evergreen Media back in '97 (Evergreen is now known as Chancellor, for those who follow the broadcast business,) and was responsible for bringing back the old 70s-80s black-and-white logo. Given the name, I assumed Bonneville's ownership was in Utah (home of the salt flats) and likely partly-to-heavily Mormon. As it turns out, the LDS Church itself owns the company. I'm a little surprised, as I didn't think such a sanctimonious bunch would get into the business of selling sex-and-drugs-laced rock and roll. But it would explain why the Loop, while returning to its AOR rock roots, didn't also try to reach for the edgier personality elements again that had made it a Chicago powerhouse in the '80s and early '90s. I don't think they'd go for broadcasting out on Michigan Avenue in December in your underwear, even in the sacred skivvies.

Emmis currently owns WKQX-FM (Q101,) home of morning dimwit Mancow Muller. They are certain to take the leash off Loop management, and hopefully they'll bring in some brash air talent, though smarter than Manqueer. People seem to think they'll move him over to the Loop to kickstart it, but I hope not...