September 7th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

One year later

...and my eyes still work. Well, almost a year. The fifteenth is the actual anniversary, but today was my annual eye exam. My optometrist is still overwhelmed with how well the surgery turned out. I'm one of their best cases. I see 20/15, with a very slight measure of residual astigmatism in my left eye (about 0.25, I'm told) which may not be a bad thing in the long run. For now, it causes the slightest degree of edge fuzz at long distances (but not enough to affect my judgement,) but it may delay my need for reading glasses as I get older. I don't have halo problems, there's no scarring of the corneal flap.

I didn't even have to be dilated for this exam. Instead, they did a retinal scan with the OptoMap, made by a Scottish outfit called Optos. It uses a laser to scan the eye, generating a 200°-wide digital image of the retina, and requires no eyedrops. Traditional optical equipment only provides a 30° view of the retina. It's pretty neat to finally have an eye doc point out what he's looking for in an exam. Plus, if there's something he was concerned about, it's trivial to mail the images off to a retinal specialist or other colleague for further review.

And no, despite my status as a privacy freak, I don't care that images of my retina are sitting on someone's disk. You can nab my fingerprints off a pop can I discard, and you could get a retinal scan out of any security system that needed to save it anyways. I put a lot more trust in my doctors than I do any employer (whether or not they use biometric security devices.)