August 31st, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

It's that time again

It's nearly September. Football's upon us. Time to throw Varsity Blues in the DVD player to set the mood while I write some long-overdue code.

"Now how come you never dress like that?"
"Costs a lot of money to look that cheap!"
"Darcy's pretty sharp, she pulls 'A's!"
"That's not all she pulls!"
Enterprise Bridge

Goddamned art

Apparently, Apple announced the new iMac G5s. There's been rumblings about this for some time, and some early-leaked photos, but I wasn't quite sure what to make of what I saw. That's the whole machine, this overly-thick screen. No more Luxo-esque CPU base with the screen on a stalk. The flat panel is the computer. I am once again amazed at what the industrial design folks have come up with, and what the engineers have put into production.