August 22nd, 2004

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If you need a break from the Olympics, or the track and field events aren't your thing, pop over to ESPN and the Deuce for this year's Little League World Series. As I've said before, it's some of the best baseball played anywhere, without all the BS of scholarships and salaries.

Every day is Wednesday... anything can happen and it usually does...
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    California vs. North Carolina, ESPN
Enterprise Bridge

Spreading the MythTV gospel

My MythTV box is now grabbing Little League World Series games. So far, I've found the commercial detection to be fantastic. It auto-detects the black frames usually found on the boundaries between program and commercials. During playback, it puts up an indicator at each of those points. Hit the skip key and it jumps to the next one, resuming the program. I haven't looked at nuvexport yet, but I understand it will extract MPEG-2 between the edit points. Hopefully it'll also put out an EDL I can use to compute chapter stops for DVD creation.

My only complaint so far is the system does not record all the time like the TiVo does. It starts when you select "Watch TV", and stops (throwing out the buffer) when you escape out of it. I really liked that you could usually turn on a TV hooked to a TiVo, say "Hey, this looks interesting" and jump back to the beginning.