July 15th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Still open...

Much to my amazement, Kiddieland is still open. I got to wondering a while back if it didn't go the way of Rivierview, with the growth of megacorporate-owned theme parks and rising insurance costs. But when I was home last September for the Dicker-Notarus wedding, I had a chance to drive past it, and sure enough, it's still there, and looks very much the same as it did when my family frequented it 20 years ago. I have a couple of pictures, somewhere, I think...

Edit: Looking over the web site, it appears they removed the tractors. Bastards...

Enterprise Bridge

Are YOU on the Global Frequency, motherfucker?

Big Ethel says thusly:

"I was sworn to secrecy on this, but the news seems to have broken this evening, so fuck it:

Michelle Forbes has been cast as Miranda Zero in GLOBAL FREQUENCY.

I am really, really happy about this.  The woman can act.  Rogers and Burnett get a gold star once again."

I was glad to see Michelle again on "24" last year, and I think she's perfect for bad-mofo-with-big-gun Miranda Zero.

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