July 4th, 2004

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Wins and losses

My baseball team got whipped again today, 16-8. This follows yesterday's 16-7 win and 14-7 loss. We brought an 8-1 deficit down to 8-7 before our pitching fell apart again. This was in a 4th of July tournament, where we once again got fucked by two other teams tying. I'd refer to my Memorial Day tournament entry, except I haven't finished and posted it yet. (Yeah, I'm really behind lately.) Our record and scores should have left us high enough in the standings to qualify for the semifinals. Except two other teams tied each other instead of one of them winning, and we just got edged out.

On the up-side... our opponent this morning lived up to their names. Collapse )
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Fucking Klaproth

I haven't signed into everything for a while. I did today, and checking my messages, I discovered my node for "geek frat boys" was deleted. What the fuck? That was my highest-rep'ed node, one which was C!hinged. No explanation given. Fucking cocksmokers. I reproduce it here for posterity. The friend discussed is Joe Gross... Collapse )
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Fucking Klaproth II

I can understand this being deleted for its low (-1) reputation. What I didn't understand was the stick up the voter's asses for downvoting it in the first place. My node onthe Last Day of School...Collapse )