June 24th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

The reinstall continues

I last reinstalled babylon5 almost two years ago with Slackware 7.1. It's overdue for a serious upgrade, and issues over database compatibility finally forced the issue. glibc gives you the options of linking the Berkeley DB library into it, and I probably did it when I upgraded it a while back, thinking it was somehow a good idea. It didn't occur to me that I'd run into link problems down the way when I tried linking against the new DB library. Somewhere along the way, the Cyrus SASL library began to fail runtime linking and I had to pull it out of sendmail. This killed SMTP authentication. It hasn't been a big deal for me, since I can usually log in and send mail from mutt since Mail or Eudora won't work for outbound traffic from outside the house.

Enter Larry into the mix. All his traffic is from offsite, so he needs authenticated SMTP. Thus, I finally began a reinstall yesterday with Slackware 9.1. Things to remember for the future:
* No matter that I use SCSI-attached devices all the time, I can't compile the SYM53C8xx driver (for the Tekram SCSI card) into the kernel. If it's not a module, its devices get seen ahead of the 3Ware RAID card my boot drives are attached to. This screws up the device naming from install time to runtime.
* cp -R doesn't work as advertised. It copied the target files of all symlinks, resulting in an enormous copy of my /home partition, because of three links I had in place as shortcuts. tar pipes are your friend.
* The conflict between the 3Ware and the Tekram cards keeps me from booting CDs in drives attached to the Tekram. It's a good thing I never got rid of the old 4-disc 4x IDE CD changer I bought way back in the day.
* Fucking KDE. I figured I'd let it install, mostly for Qt and assorted tools some projects want to build with. I forgot its creators are morons that believe in /opt. So it's eating a huge chunk of the root filesystem, which I deliberately keep small. It shouldn't be too much trouble to move it onto /usr/local and symlink it back, but that's work I shouldn't have to do in the first place.

I should really stay up and get dovecot and BDB-SASL-Postfix running, but I'm just beat. Hopefully my daily spam dose isn't overwhelming Mark's system... (he does backup MX for me.)