June 1st, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Okay, now the gloves come off

Now I'm fucking pissed. This is my home archdiocese, and it is completely unacceptable to pull this fucking shit there.

I can't buy the claim that it's inappropriate for parishoners to express their political beliefs, or their ecumenical disagreements, during mass. If you can express one from the pulpit, you'd better accept one from the congregation. If the church is as good and benevolent as it likes to claim, it is obligated to hold the moral high ground and not be swayed by such disagreements. Stay the course, engage the membership in discussion, keep trying to persuade them to abandon the "error" of their way if you wish. Turning it into a confrontation by refusing them a sacrament, that's just petty bullshit.
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Enterprise Bridge

Steve Dahl: Ha!

It's final. Yoko has completed the second destruction of husband Garry's career. You can read reader feedback in today's column.

The first time, I could feel sorry for Garry. It's hard to make good career decisions when your brand-new wife gets involved. Chalk that one up to experience and move on. But a second time? Fuck that. He bought his ticket. He knew what he was getting into. I say, let him crash.

I'm not a big Roe Conn fan, but he made the right call sticking with LS and not attaching his career to the anchor with Garry's.
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