April 13th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Iraq again

It's things like this that make you want to cry:

What this little girl could see from her doorstep was a bunch of sweaty probably irritable Americans---and shell casings, torn branches, and debris from the battles. She wasn’t touched by any of it, even though her house had been. It was us she saw, and she saw us as potential friends. The little girl trusted adults to do the right thing. Her parents must be the most amazing people in the world.


When you think of Iraq, don’t think of terrorists or Saddam Hussein. Think of Rania and her mother’s hospitality, of the American soldiers sweating on her doorstep and sipping tea from little glasses on a ninety-degree day. Muktadi Sadr does not represent Iraq and no matter how many people he kills or attacks, he never will.

(ginmar on the ground in Iraq)
Enterprise Bridge

Awww, poor baby...

Lee Siegel is The New Republic's TV critic. Apparently, he believes that comedians should stick to making people laugh, and leave politics to professional politicians and pundits. How horrible it is that young adults are getting their news from "The Daily Show"! Egads, they might start paying attention! They might even start voting! And then, where would the greedy fuckwads of the right wing be?!!