April 1st, 2004

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Oops, I did it again

... I hazed your kid, whacked him with a paddle...

The story is about Glenbrook South, but a GBS grad lacrosse player is quoted saying it goes on at North too, as well as Loyola and New Trier. I am not inclined to doubt him. The article also talks about the newly-toughened anti-hazing policy applying even though the hazing happened in a private residence. This is irrelevant--the old policy applied, as the extracurricular conduct code applied all the time, on the belief that those competing in the school's name, representing its entire community, should be held to a higher standard. (A principle I strongly agree with.)

I learned about this when I got home from lunch downtown today, my mom had Channel 27 on. They were showing a press conference with the superintendent. The school is once again acting to protect its precious image. The participants are being offered a reduced suspension of they sign an agreement not to publicize their story.


Here's the Tribune story.