February 17th, 2004

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Useful Software

With Larry in South America, he needs a good IMAP solution so he can keep his mail sorted and stored on the server so it doesn't disappear if his laptop gets damaged or stolen. Greg Sutter mentioned dovecot on tuna this week, a fortunate coincidence. It's an IMAP (and POP3) server that supports the mbox file format, and is configurable as to where your folder directory is, and where your incoming spool is located. (It doesn't have to be ~/.INBOX) It supports SSL, and is pretty painless to build and install.

I now have an IMAP view of my mail spool and procmail-sorted mailboxes. I built mutt on the G4 to test it out, and it runs flawlessly, it's just like I'm ssh'ed into b5 running it locally. It probably won't be so fast if I ever run it on the iBook from a remote location--mutt caches nothing, but I'll evaluate that later.

At recursive's suggestion, I also gave Apple's Mail application a whirl. I'm actually quite impressed with it. It gives me the same view of my mail that mutt does, with the nice graphical interface. It even lets you pick IMAP folders to use for its draft, sent, and junk mail folders, rather than storing them locally.
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New ACM office

I was very involved with the student ACM chapter at UIUC during my time there. The office was a two-room suite on the first floor of DCL. The location was fantastic, right out on the atrium next to the CSIL labs, so there was lots of traffic. We were accessible and visible. SigArch's LED scrolling sign lit the way for a time. Of course, it had its downsides too. We rapidly outgrew the space, expanding meetings into 1102 DCL, and lab space into L510 (and beyond,) and still the rooms were jammed to the walls with documentation and computers and Stuff. The only window was the one in the front door, so it had kind of a dark cavern feeling to it, even during the day.

Siebel Systems kicked DCS a bunch of money to build a new CS department building, which is opening up this month. The department has always been a big supporter of the ACM chapter, for which we're all eternally grateful, and granted space for a positively huge new office in Siebel. There is space! And windows! The front wall is all glass. I'm envious. :-)