February 15th, 2004

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I had a very pleasant evening. I finally found the problems nagging Omar, the girls basketball scorekeeper to whom I'd given a copy of the perl scripts I wrote to do statistics. Before that, I went up to school to see the winter play, "Bus Stop", on which a Marilyn Monroe movie of the same name was based. I know one of the actors from football. They were fantastic. It's a pity they have to perform in the Little Theater, which only seats about a hundred. They ought to get the Performing Arts Center, and they ought to draw a much larger crowd.

I had work very hard to keep from commenting during the performance. There's several stretches of dialogue that a warped mind like mine can twist into come-ons between male characters. I would not have been at all surprised had the show ended with the two cowboys in each others arms, as well as the professor and the sheriff.

I see they remade the movie for TV in 1982, Barry "I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help" Corbin as Virgil, Tim "Vice President Otter" Matheson as Bo, and Margot "Lois Lane" Kidder as Cherie. I'm sure it was played seriously, but I couldn't help but laugh based on that casting.
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Crucify Bill, Vol 3:16

I stopped in at Suncoast yesterday to snag a copy of "The Ref". I asked the staff if they'd been given a reason why the DVD release of "Kill Bill Vol. 1" had been pushed back from February 2 to April 13. They told me that the theatrical release of Vol. 2 had been pushed back from February 10 to April 16, to avoid a collision with Mel Gibson's "The Passion", due for an Ash Wednesday release (Feb. 25.)

I guess I can see that... you might get a wellspring of bad publicity for doing a feel-good death movie at the same time as a feel-bad death movie.
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Friendships and distance and age

Over the last year or two, there have been a few conversations amongst my friends about how things have been changing between all of us, and how they will continue to change in the coming years. A lot of us have gotten married, and several have started having kids. Less and less are we getting together like we used to. I think none of us live together anymore as many of us did in college. We don't gather at the drop of a hat either. We've all picked up new interests (often shared with spouses) and new responsibilities, and there's still the same number of hours in the day. You can't do it all, so something has to go.

Those conversations have always been quite depressing. We all fondly appreciate the time we've spent together. But that's the order of things. My parents had friends, whom I remember from when I was very young, who I don't think they've seen, much less spoken to, in over a decade. There simply hasn't been the time. We went from two kids to four, and as we got older, we took more and more time to keep after. Our activities became more involved, and ran later into the days and weekends.

What brought this to mind was an "American Cinema" episode about Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola, and Scorsese that I ran across flipping channels. Steven Spielberg is quoted, (from memory, I wasn't watching through the TiVo,) "When I got married, the amount of time I spent on the phone talking to George, Francis, and Marty cut in half. Then I went to one, and onto five kids, and now it takes a conscious effort for all of us to reunionize..." And these are four guys with wealth beyond dreams and the standing to write their own ticket.

We have IRC and web presences like LiveJournal that keep us in touch, better than we would otherwise. Even there, some people show up less often and for shorter periods of time than in the past. That trend will certainly continue. I wonder if some day our kids will start popping up on channel. Kids These Days(tm) mostly use the instant messenger services (AIM, ICQ, MSN,) which we all have accounts on. They'll probably use those to check in with mom & dad. But past a certain point in their adolescence, I doubt we'll exclude them from group conversations IRL. (While they're around, as they'll undoubtedly be off with friends as much as we were at that age) We surely wouldn't exclude them from channel conversation either.

It'll be interesting to see how the progress in our social patterns differ from our parents', and how these digital arenas change and mature with us along the way...