February 9th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Something accomplished

Last night and this morning, I finally converted my DNS configuration to use the m4 macros that Dave Terrell wrote to manage them. Dave owns meat.net and hosts primary or secondary DNS for damned near everyone we went to college with. I host 69 slave zones, and it's a lot easier to manage now should one of their primaries move. It's a one-line change instead of a pattern substitution that I hope I don't mess up.

With some of my partitions approaching capacity, the age of my OS install, and the addition of Larry Defauw's travel photos to the system (for which he's buying me another disk,) I'll need to reinstall the machine within the next couple of weeks. With that change, I think I'll finally update the mail system to use Postfix

I used to work with Larry at Qualcomm. He quit in October to take some time off, as I did. Instead of sticking around the house, he's gone off to see the world. I talked to him yesterday, he's just back from Guatemala, and just about to leave for Brazil. He's been crewing sailboats from here down the coast. He'll be in Rio for Carnival, and then work his way around overland for the next six months (at least.)