February 3rd, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

Happy Valentines' Day

Cute, but I think the 403 message should go on the back.

I've ordered one of these. A group within ACM designed something like this for EOH back in '95 or '96 (a group which I believe included Chris Burian) and I thought it a neat idea at the time, but not particularly cheap or power-efficient. Amazing what eight years of technology advances will do for you, eh? I think I did see something like this selling for around $200 a few years ago. I wasn't willing to pay that, but $70 is okay.

This looks like it could be a fun time. And it's early enough during the high school baseball season it wouldn't kill me to be out of town and miss a game or two. But I thought, maybe this won't work. That's probably the same weekend as the Illinois Class AA boys' basketball finals, a weekend I wanted to keep open just in case North got back downstate. Looking at the sectional assignments, maybe that isn't so likely... the other sectional that feeds into the supersectional North would play in (if they got that far) looks like it probably has all the powerhouse Chicago Public League teams in it.

I'll say it now for the record: The team that wins the United Center (2) supersectional will place in the state finals. It looks like they're matched up against the Rockford SS, which is almost always an incredibly soft field. Fucking Fremd finished fourth in '93 'cause they drew the winner of that super in the quarterfinals. We could've beaten them with our subs. (Instead, we drew Danville and watched Keon Clark rip our center a couple of new assholes.)

New Trier got picked as a regional site. Again, 'tis a pity I didn't get that job. This would have been a really fun event to help run...