January 12th, 2004

Enterprise Bridge

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Robert Feder's column in the Sun-Times led me to this site about radio stations and transmission towers, which led me to a directory site of US radio stations. It includes technical specs from the FCC license and some attempt at coverage maps (which must be calculated from something, exactly what I'm not sure, but it's not accurate as it shows KGB's signal dropping off in southern Orange County, when I've heard it clearly on the far side of Los Angeles.) There are entries for my own WGBK-FM (nee WMWA-FM), New Trier's WNTH-FM, and Maine East's (nee Maine Township's) WMTH-FM, whose licensed 8 watt output is weaker than Keith's ass on an average night.

I was brought to Feder in the first place by Keith and Mark's kvetching on IRC about Garry Meier possibly dropping by ex-partner Steve Dahl's show on WCKG-FM. Apparently, Garry's wife Cindy is handling negotiations for a new contract with WLS. Roe and Garry are off the air this week as a result. The last time Yoko got involved in Garry's professional life (when they got married in 1993,) it led to his split with Steve. Garry did indeed show up, you can listen to the archive recording from Monday, January 12th to hear it, 'till it disappears next week.
Enterprise Bridge


Garry wasn't actually on with Steve. Steve was playing sound clips recorded either from current Roe & Garry shows or old Steve & Garry (I don't know which.)