Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


It's amazing what you can actually get done in an hour... I schlepped up to North County Fair, as my tires are long overdue for rotation. At 11:30am, I expected them to be busier, but they promised me my car in only an hour. I walked over to the appliance department and bought a replacement for my washer and dryer, which took all of ten minutes. I think I wound up buying exactly what my parents got last month. Delivery and installation is scheduled for tomorrow, all I have to do is install a valve on the gas line before they arrive. (The installers aren't licensed to do that, it's considered plumbing.) It's Kenmore hardware, which has always proven dependable. The washer has a porcelain-coated steel tub. Maybe plastic is just as good when things run okay, but if anything breaks and that tub starts rubbing, the plastic will fail a lot faster than steel will. And I don't like the long-term effects of heat on plastics. My outgoing washer/dryer combination appears to be 23 years old, I see no reason why the replacements shouldn't last just as long.

I got lunch, read comics, picked up the car, got it washed (filthy from the rainy roadtrip to Las Vegas,) stopped at Office Depot, and bought a laptop cart for the living room. It doesn't go quite as low as I'd like it to (I'll see what mods I can gin up) but I can now sit on my couch and work, instead of sitting on the floor in front of the couch to reach the iBook resting on the coffee table. Or maybe this is overkill, and I should've just gotten one of those breakfast-in-bed trays?

Now to start on cleaning the damned house... what a disaster I've let this place become...

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