November 23rd, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Team picture day for basketball today:

Kyle (our head coach) wanted a shot like this for the cover of the program. I stood 12 feet up on a scaffold with a tripod to take it. This is the entire program--the varsity is in the white uniforms, the JV in green, and the freshmen in gray. Being as acrophobic as I am, I originally set up on the 6-foot platform, but the angle looked too shallow.

The girls' volleyball team won their section title match tonight, in 5 games over La Costa Canyon. They put away the fifth game 15-8, a bit more handily than the semifinal earlier in the week, but the rest of the match was back-and forth. It was nice to see them hit a stride to finish it, La Costa was clearly on the ropes throughout it. We had a good crowd, they were plenty loud though as usual, restrained due to administrative pressure. I like our admins, personally, but I think they're off the fucking deep end. Playing with class, or "pursuing victory with honor", as they call it 'round here, means you shrug it off when your opponent's crowd yells "YOU SUCK!" as each name is announced during the lineups, or when they rub their eyes and call you a whiner when you whine to the referee about a call.

Look, you are morally obligated to castigate an official when she calls a ball out of bounds, when she is standing on the sideline, and the ball bounces on the ground before hitting her.

See also: They confiscated a sign one of the kids brought. For Lindsay Olhausen (yes, of the pool table family,) it read "POWERHAUSEN", and had a drawing of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Yeah, it does look like a pair of tits. But a), that's the fault of the design engineer, and b) it's the area's most powerful power plant, its only nuclear plant, and is very recongizable since it sits next to I-5 at the north end of Camp Pendleton. If you're gonna draw a power plant that people know is a power plant, this is it.

My doubleheader is canceled tomorrow. One of our players is sick, our manager got fucked over by his boss again, and one more guy got Chargers tickets. That's the season. We'll try again in the spring. Steve still wants me to run it, jointly with Bobby, but I really don't want to deal with the bullshit half of it.

Amazingly, the football team made the fucking playoffs. We'll see about that too, given a bunch of our players won't even be there, they won't come back from their vacations.