November 21st, 2003

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Am I Really So Glad I Went DIGITAL?

Amongst the latest uses for cutting-edge cell phones by our nation's youth: taking embarassing pictures in the locker room and e-mailing them to peers.

I wonder how well these perpetrators' parents would take their sons being charged with distribution of child pornography in federal court. 'Cause if the photographer or distributor were 18 and not 13, that is exactly what would happen.
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Football got their asses whipped tonight. It was 44-0 midway through the fourth quarter. It wasn't 'till the 4th that Vista even had to punt. Yet still, I am happy.

In the fourth quarter, we changed quarterbacks. Out went our 2-year starter and graduating senior. In came a freshman called up for this week's game. (We were making up a game canceled due to the fires three weeks ago. Only the varsity game was rescheduled, so we called up this frosh and a dozen JV kids whose season would otherwise be over.) I have seen the future, and its name is Donnie McKillop. He came in and got the job done. Two touchdown drives, one a run by our usual backup QB (also a senior) and one a 43-yard run by one of our linebackers. A long pass was tipped away from one of our receivers. It was an awesome, awesome varsity debut for anyone, but particularly for a freshman.

We have some serious attitude problems. It's been holding us back all year. We actually have some players who don't want to make the playoffs. They want the season to be done with. We'll find out if we make it tomorrow morning, or if tonight was our last game. If it is over, I can live with it. A couple of seniors, and a lot of underclassmen (including the JV callups) were outstanding tonight. They played like they wanted to be there, like you'd have to drag them off the field. They got behind McKillop when he came in, and stayed fired up after the score, through the kickoff, and back onto defense. This is what I expect to see, and I hope it continues through the playoffs (if we make it) and into next year.