November 18th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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"You didn't talk to me much at school."
"You were having quite a bit of sex with [my roommate,] Chris."
"There were times I wasn't."
"I studied a lot in school. I studied hard in high school, and at Harvard, and in law school. My IQ doesn't break the bank and I wanted to do this so I studied all the time, and I missed something or it's like I skipped a year, 'cause I never learned what you do after you think you like somebody, what you do next, and every--everybody did learn. A lot of other people, anyways."
-- Amy Gardner (Mary Louise Parker), Josh Lyman (Brad Whitford), The West Wing, "H.Con 172"

I finished the work I planned for the equipment room. A particleboard disk fills the towel hole, I had to cut and sand 1x2 braces to pop it up 3/16", as it's that much thinner than the countertop, it fits pretty well. It's still removable, God forbid someday hygiene becomes important again. It locks into place with security bolts so the padlock hasp on the cabinet door is worth something. I sorted through the top of the basketball cabinet, finding two more variants of uniforms. The school changed its colors in 1994 or '95 (from medium green and gold to the current forest green and silver gray) and I count seven sets of basketball uniforms for that intervening nine years. (Though, three sets had to be bought the first year.)

I found my car keys. I thought I'd lost them yesterday... the pair of shorts I was wearing has rather shallow pockets. My main set of keys has fallen out in the car, as have change and pens. So when I went back for my power screwdriver and couldn't find my key, I figured I dropped it somewhere around the gym or the training room. Fortunately, I'm paranoid about locking myself out of the car (I did it two or three times in the first three years after moving here, and the door key I kept velcroed to the bumper of the station wagon came in handy a few times during high school and college,) so I keep the valet key on my main ring. When I left the house this morning, I found my sunglasses case empty, and remembered I'd put them in a drawer in the equipment room so they wouldn't get scratched or broken. When I opened it this afternoon, I found them... and my keys, which I'd placed there explicitly so I wouldn't leave without my sunglasses.

Yeah, I'm just that Dumb.

One last thing to do... there's a bulletin board in the athletics locker room that nobody pins anything to, 'cause it got painted over black (and thus doesn't look like a bulletin board,) and opponents try to use it as a chalkboard. I'm sliding it out and replacing it with a piece of the tileboard from Home Despot that works great as a whiteboard.