November 15th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Yesterday was the second anniversary of my departure from Qualcomm. All hail two years of slack!

Football got whipped 35-3 by Torrey Pines last night. They didn't play as badly as that sounds, but they weren't great either. The JV completely sucked ass, I don't know what was up with them. Due to the fires, the varsity will play next week at Vista, but everybody else is done. The JVs turned in their equipment last night when we got home, and were much more orderly (and QUIET!) than the freshmen the day before.

Basketball started today. I spent all day at school, save for some errands. Five hours of it was going through the cabinet with all our uniforms and warm-ups, sorting, folding, and ordering it. I now know how much of everything we have, in what styles and sizes. Handing out uniforms to the freshmen last year was a nightmare, as we had three different strains of frosh uniforms commingled, with duplicate numbers all over. Not again.

I took advantage of having the equipment room to myself to get a few things done, too. The room has an openable window into the corridor by the boys' locker room, with a steel mesh instead of glass. Back in the day, towels were handed out and returned there at the end of each class. Since the boys quit showering after PE, and the school quit doing towel service (there's no money for it anymore, and CA law forbids the schools from charging fees like the $10/year we paid at North,) the mesh screen was covered up by a piece of cardboard.

In recent years, the kids have taken to signing it and writing messages to our then-and-sorta-current equipment manager, Mrs. Durham. ("Sorta" as she was laid off last year due to budget cuts, but subs for campus security and handles equipment for the football and wrestling programs, whose boosters pay her.) The cardboard filled, as did the piece of plywood covering the hole where the towel-return bin used to sit. Before either gets stained or destroyed, I thought I'd preserve them, as those kids mean a lot to Elaine. Both sides of the cardboard are written on, so I hung it with tie-wraps from a pipe on the ceiling. The plywood I mounted on the wall nearby.

I put a new piece of particleboard over the wire mesh. It will be removeable--four quarter-inch wing bolts anchor it to the window, so if someone wants to see or talk through that screen, they can. I'm going to see what I can do to fill the towel bin hole in a way that leaves it usable. If I can't find a 15" round piece of plywood at Home Despot, i can probably cut down to size what they do have, and mount it from a hinge. I planned to replace the bolt that holds the two halves of the door together, but the bolt I bought sits too far off the surface to be usable, I'll have to find another one. I might rig a double pulley to make opening that window easier. It has no counter-weights, so it's a bitch and a half to lift up.