November 6th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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It's funny... this week's "West Wing" episode, titled "Disaster Relief", has a pitch from Martin Sheen, Dule Hill, and Richard Schiff at the end for contributions to the Red Cross. Last week, of course, the worst wildfire in California's history burned to within a mile of my house and obliterated the home of at least one of my friends.

I, too am incensed about this. (Copy here.) I'm calming down and choosing my words before I start firing off Howlers to Washington.

Okay, the scene I just saw on "ER" was funny. A police chase of a carjacking suspect is on TV. Some of the staff are watching, rooting for the perp to get away for just a little bit longer... long enough to get out of their sector of the city, so when he crashes, he'll go to another hospital instead of County. Of course, just before the opening credits roll, he crashes short of the line.