November 3rd, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Rule. PowerWerx sells Anderson PowerPole connectors, and they're not as expensive as I thought they were. The 15 and 45 amp versions interconnect. They also link to Byonics, which has a very small TNC for APRS use.

I kept the 146.265 MHz ARES repeater tuned in all week, listening to amateur radio traffic supporting Red Cross and fire operations. I'm still pretty dismayed by what I hear. There's still too many operators that make you repeat things three, four, or five times. A lot of people have no concept of being brief. And way, way, WAY too much traffic could have been handled digitally, more quickly and efficiently.

APRS would have been very useful to track operations. Where are units enroute? Using MIC-E units, you could have displays up as to who's calling net control. Someone sitting in front of a CHP incident screen to track road closures would've been Very Useful too. Hell, I could've done it from home if I'd had the Syntor running. (I now see that the MIC-E has been discontinued, and the Byonics TinyTrak can perform its function in a smaller package.)