October 28th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Fire, Day 2

Taken straight from my photos page... (Photos of Scripps Ranch are also available.)

It was very dim today, as you'll see in the photos at the bottom. With the exception of a small segment of northeastern Escondido, the incorporated cities of the county are safe. The fires continue to rage in the unincorporated areas to the east and northeast. This is CHP's continually-updated list of road closures. I-15 and CA-67 are again wide open, these are the road closures closest to me. CA-52 is open again into Santee.

The Cedar fire has now burned over 210,000 acres. Over a thousand homes have been destroyed. The Sheriff just got done on TV saying essentially, "If you're still at home in Julian, GET THE FUCK OUT NOW." That evacuation was first ordered two hours ago. Alpine and Valley Center north of CA-76 are threatened, as is Palomar Mountain. I-8 opens and closes hourly. The Cedar fire is uncontained, they hope to contain it by November 5th. The Otay fire down south is 90% contained, the Paradise fire furthest north is 15% contained. The Cedar fire is zero percent contained. The fire line stretched 45 miles at 1:00 this afternoon, it is certainly longer now.

The sky is a big thick blanket of smoke. Parts of town look like photos from Mars. All around Poway, it looks like dusk, and has looked that way all day long. It's dim enough that photocells have turned on most streetlights and building signs, as well as automatic headlights found on some cars. The smoke is much thicker than yesterday, visibility is below one mile. You can taste something sipping an open-topped drink outdoors (like a can of pop.)

continuing 5:51pm
This just appeared across the Channel 8 ticker: "ENTIRE COMMUNITY OF CUYAMACA DESTROYED -- INCLUDING ALL 100+ HOMES"