October 21st, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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These are the things I discovered about a Saturn L300 when its Transmission Control Module fails:
It misses many upshifts. Take your foot off the gas, then step on it again, and it will shift.
It pulls in the shifter release solenoid every time you step on the brake. (This is the interlock that forces you to brake to shift out of Park.)
It doesn't like to downshift to accelerate. You have to floor it, but then back off and floor it again to make it shift.
The doors no longer automatically lock.

Oddly, the TCM didn't just up and quit. It gradually failed over the last week. First it would miss a 1st-2nd shift every now and again. Then it missed them a lot, and started missing 2nd-3rds. Then it quit locking the doors. I figure I would've been stuck in first gear within another week or two had I not had the thing replaced. (Under extended warranty, fortunately.)