September 30th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

New TV season

Gee, it's nice that "Third Watch"'s producers liked Tia Texada's performance so much. But the story twist they threw into tonight's season premeire to keep the character just sucks. Never mind it violates the gun-on-the-wall principle, it's just dumb.

For "The Lyon's Den", a verdict has to wait. The internal fighting going on within the law firm looks too intense to draw out for a whole season or more. I want to see if they dial it down to a slow burn, or if it just becomes ridiculously implausible.

L&O still waits...
Enterprise Bridge

One down, two to go

Dusty Baker reacts to Joe Borowski's strikeout of Rafael Furcal to end Game 1 4-2

Credit Kerry Wood with the win. Sign in the crowd: "Atlanta may be brave, but we've GOT WOOD!"

Arianna Huffington dropped out of the governor's race today... to oppose the recall. She thinks it's the only way to beat Ahnold. Gotta love it, this race has turned into a repeat of the last election, a question of who sucks less.
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