September 28th, 2003

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Cubs win! Cubs win! Holy cow!

'Nuff said.

And, the rundown on "The Rundown":

This was fun, and it was pretty damned good. Ebert gave it three and a half stars, which struck me as odd for what looked like just another action flick, and possibly a dumb one. It isn't dumb at all, the action and fight sequences are a trip (even if the characters walk away from what should be crippling, even lethal impacts) and steer away from a lot of gunplay, and it has some damned funny moments.
Enterprise Bridge

Ill-equipped for the influx

I saw this wire story in the paper yesterday. Authorities in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico are whining that they are "ill-equipped for the influx" of illegal Mexican immigrants being deported back to Mexico there.

Well gee, pal, I guess that makes two of us!
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The new TV season so far

Warren Ellis had a lot of negative things to say about the Sorkin-free "West Wing" premeiere. I think I need to watch it again though before I can decide whether I agree with him. On the bright side, the rumor/spoiler mill says that the Zoey kidnapping will be resolved quickly, I'm not sure whether it's this week or next, but no later than next for sure.

"One Tree Hill" looks like it's the designated successor to "Dawson's Creek" as Warner Brothers' small-town teenage soap opera. I liked DC, but couldn't keep up with it after a while (and got annoyed with the perpetual non-resolvement of the Pacey-Joey-Dawson love triangle. They should've just had the goddamned threesome and been done with it.) This one centers around two basketball players (with a "Law & Order" twist! They're half-brothers!) The hoops angle is enough I think I'll give it a chance, and hopefully Barry Corbin's coach character will develop into something watchable. If not, it'll be a waste of talent.

"E.R." was okay, about as okay as it was last year. Maybe the newness has finally worn off, or maybe the writing has gone that far downhill, but I miss all the original characters that have left. (I ought to start renting the first season DVDs for comparison.) Still, it's nice to see the city.

I haven't watched the two L&O premeires I have on the TiVo yet.

I really can't wait 'till "The Shield" kicks off again...