September 25th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Football was a split tonight. The JV whupped Mt. Carmel, the varsity got whupped. (I have no reports on what became of Batman's ass.) Our new headsets worked like a charm, though I may have some mic gain adjustments to make.

I never thought I'd have much use for the movie-recording capability of my new Canon S400, but I found it tonight. For those events where one picture isn't enough, like the crowd of classless parents sitting in front of me.

The power went off promptly at 11am. SDG&E mailed notification of it as a 9am-3pm outage. Turns out it was some work related to the Community Road widening. It came on at ten after 2. I was just passing Community on Twin Peaks when the mobile rig, tuned to Poway High's security frequency, chirped something about "I don't see any pink, I'm going to go hot". Dialed the house from the cell phone for the second time in five minutes, and the answering machine picked up this time. It must have been SDG&E's crew on the radio there, perfect timing to stop home and bring up systems.

Note to self: It helps to plug the firewall host back into the internal net's switch at this point.