September 24th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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I woke up this morning at 7 to the sound of a helicopter circling my neighborhood. This usually means the Sheriff's department is looking for a lost child or a fleeing perp. It usually lasts no more than half an hour. When I finally got out of the shower around 9, the helicopter was still circling. The Poway Chieftain, the local weekly paper, printed today and thus actually had timely news. The sheriff's department was looking for some parolee. They gave a name, but didn't say what they wanted the guy for. They cleaned out the Wal*Mart down the street to search for him. *shrug* That explains why there was an armed off-duty cop standing guard at the door tonight when I stopped in for velcro cable straps.

Speaking of which, nobody seems to sell those anymore, the velcro straps that had the little slot in the one end so you could wrap it around a cord, and it would stay there while the cord was unrolled and you wouldn't lose track of it. WTF?

We've been having trouble the last couple of weeks with the intercom headsets our football coaches use. Getting them fixed quickly is possible, but someone generously sprung for a whole new system. The order was placed Monday, the box showed up today. The new system kicks much ass. And since it was designed with TV/film/theater production in mind, it has this wonderful little "stage announcement" option on it, that I'm sorely tempted to wire into the stadium PA. >:-)

I finally remembered to buy Quicksilver.

The West Wing premeires tonight, the first season without Aaron Sorkin. We'll see how things go...