September 12th, 2003

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Today was September 11th, and once again, nothing fell down or blew up, and nobody went on a killing spree. Not that this should be any surprise. If it didn't happen last year, the likelihood that someone will "commemorate" the events of two years ago with more of the same should properly diminish over time. This year I left the weapons unloaded and locked up.

Bravo reran "Isaac And Ishmael" tonight. When I pulled up the TiVo's listing, I noticed the break from their schedule, which had them still in the first season, and "Isaac" preceded the third season premeire. It took me a second for it to click that this was entirely correct and something Bravo should be applauded for. This is the day to repeat that episode, and I hope it repeats every year on this day. And I hope when they release the third season DVD set, this is one of the eps Sorkin and the cast do commentaries on. This had to be a unique experience at the time of filming, and the intervening years must surely have generated interesting perspective for all involved.
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You know you're appreciated when...

Twelve hours and fifteen minutes to gametime, your head football coach calls to make sure you'll be there. Sure, I had set a 7am alarm, had not turned it off and was about to get out of bed at the next commercial break. But it's nice that he made sure I was up early enough to get all my prep work done for tonight, which I wouldn't if I slept in another hour or two and then slogged around the house for a couple more afterwards.

And it seems that FINALLY the school district fixed its shit. The PBX now transmits proper caller ID. No more of this "Unknown Caller" shit, that is once again purely the domain of illegal telemarketers.
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The only things that went right tonight were that both the JV and varsity beat Ramona.

Let's see...
  • I brought the wrong wall wart for the scoreboard message display interface
  • The coaches' headsets worked FINE during the JV game. Two of them failed less than two minutes before the start of the varsity game. At least one of these headsets, I paid to have FIXED at the factory following last season.
  • One of the two PA amplifiers in the stadium started buzzing, and then died completely during the varsity game, leading a couple of people to bother me to tell me they couldn't hear. I think they thought I was being rude because my responses were very short and I wouldn't make eye contact with them. (This is because I need to concentrate on the game.)
  • With the custodial staff already shorthanded due to the budget crisis, one of them is out recovering from knee surgery. This left one man to do the pre-game setup (10-yard line markers, end zone markers, visitors' headsets, press box opening and scoreboard setup.) What's usually finished before sixth period wasn't complete 'till thirty minutes prior to the JV start.
  • The field lines are being painted with too little paint. They're nearly invisible until after sunset
  • The varsity was very sloppy tonight. Thank God Ramona appears to suck this year.

But like I said, we won both games.