September 5th, 2003

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Weird dreams

For some odd reason, I was retaking my undergraduate work; I'd been regularly skipping my Econ class for no good reason, the plumbing in the apartment upstairs was leaking and ruining my ceiling, and grad students were about to take over the radically modernized student union. (I knew this last point, somehow, because they were wearing asbestos-removal suits and portable oxygen tanks, and casually slipping in and out of the secret passageways in the union.)

No, this wasn't at Illinois, either. *shrug*
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I don't like the artwork in this week's "Authority". Everybody looks like they were chiseled, roughly, out of stone.

Off to the DICKER NOTARUS! wedding!
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Happy Together

Once again, sendmail and SASL peacefully coexist. Thus, SMTP AUTH works again, so Palm Eudora can send mail again.
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Memo to TSA San Diego:

Lick my balls.

Thank you.

(As usual, they checked ID and boarding passes at the front of the line just before you get to the metal detectors. But then, the droid before the X-ray machine demanded the boarding pass again. And the droid after the X-ray machine demanded it again. Fuck you clowns. Fuck you up your stupid asses.) (A quick message squirt before they close the door...)