August 14th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge


The tyget command-line TiVo retrieval client beats the shit out of the TiVo. Live TV now skips badly. If I weren't frightened I'd forget to hook it back up in the morning, I would disconnect the inputs so the encoder would sit quiet.

I'm slurping off what shows I don't have time to edit before I leave. If I really need the space that five episodes of "24" are taking up, I can probably find space for them on B5 and slurp them remotely.

The UPS I had on the TiVo and cable box died, not that I think it would last the 4 hours SDG&E claims the power will be out for. The cable box has an timer-wakeup feature on it. Hopefully that setting survives the power failure, otherwise I'll get nothing for a week and a half. If I had the TiVo IR blaster code for the power key on the cable box, I might be able to revive it from the command line, but I didn't think of that in time to research it. I'll be disappointed if I get no LLWS recordings. I'll be pissed if it fucks up my West Wing archive.