August 11th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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I'm desperately trying to pull everything off the TiVo that needs to be pulled off before I go. I've got five hours of 24 to go, plus all of yesterday's five hours of The West Wing and associated material, not to mention last year's marathon Texas-Kentucky Little League World Series game, as well as the US semifinal from a couple of years ago where Oceanside lost to the Bronx. (Speaking of which, does anyone know if Danny Almonte successfully got his driver's license yet?)

Found out today that one of my baseball players did something really fucking stupid a little while ago. Circumstances put him in a difficult place on the field, which he was fighting his way back from quite well, and then he goes and fucks it up off the field. He's smarter than this, better than this... *grumble*

The delivery fairies were generous today. My WWJD-for-a-Klondike-Bar and school shootings tour T-shirts showed up, as did my stapler, my rule books, and the remote control sequencer for my traffic light.

When I came home from an appointment this afternoon, there was a message on the phone from a friend having computer problems. I called her back, and didn't recognize the error WinXP was throwing at her, something about the RPC service terminating improperly. Sorry, couldn't help. Then I log in and check my IRC session, to see converastion about today's MSBLASTER worm plague. A DCOM worm... DCOM is an RPC mechanism... yeah, time to return that call again. Let this be a lesson to you: Log in first before returning calls!

September 15th. I need to book a ride.