August 4th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Yes, I'm a dipshit.

The junior Renegades' baseball game got postponed 'till tomorrow morning. I find this out after I drive up to San Marcos. In the midst of trying to corral the boys that had come over to his house to ride with him, get them back home, and call the families of the boys being driven separately, it slipped Nate's mind to call me. (I had to find Ryan on my own to find out the news.) I'm not at all mad at him though. It's his first time as a head coach, things like this are gonna happen. I can take care of myself, but a misinformed 12-year old standing on an empty field is Not Good.

So, having an unexpected morning free, I thought I'd finally get around to installing Pat Gillis's digital cable box. I thought I'd also pop into her attic to drop a cable line tap into the closet behind the computer. The cable box was easy. (Except for programming its remote. Cox didn't include the right documentation for the new box they gave her.) Previously, there was a long-but-just-barely-long-enough length of coax running halfway around the living room, across a doorway, from the TV location to the computer desk. I wanted that gone before someone tripped on it.

When I poke my head behind the Christmas tree (Yeah, she hasn't taken it down yet. Pat has some understandable productivity issues, worse since the lawsuit started,) to disconnect the coax extension, I notice the other coax jack on the wall above the cable modem.. How the fuck did I miss that?

At least it saved me the trouble of having to work in the hot attic.