August 2nd, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Wow, I'm really dumb. I had Addressix print an envelope for something I planned to fax, and not even to print.

I'm getting closer to having everything put away. Once everything is in its own place, it becomes easy to move those places into boxes. I still need to sort away all the paperwork, file the software media, and make one last sweep through the spare bedroom. I've done spare bedroom organizing and paperwork filing within the last couple of months, so those won't be so bad.

Then I have to start declaring "nonessentials" and packing them. It's going to be like how I used to pack for trips. I can always think of a reason I might use something, so everything becomes attractive to have handy. I have to be really brutal about it. "It's so unlikely I'll use this, I can pack it away." See also, "I have enough shirts, I can live without these fifty for a couple of months 'till this job thing sorts out one way or the other.

The lack of certainty on the job front occasionally drives me nuts. I really want to get started. I want to start coding, building systems, plotting what information I need and how to track it, what hardware will be useful to have around. But I can't do that yet, both because it might be a wasted effort, and because it takes time away from the stuff I have to do before I leave-if-I-get-it. This month tests both my patience and my tolerance for humidity.

We sparred again in karate last night. I'mma have to flat-out ask if I should just buy the damned equipment already. I'm going to need it before my belt test anyways...