July 26th, 2003

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Funny coincidences

In the last month, I talked (separately) about karate and summer camp.

Today, I found out one of my karate classmates (the sparring partner in the earlier post) is going to be gone next week... at summer camp.

Still no word on the job, approval is still delayed due to political distractions.

Poway went 1-4 in the Adidas tournament last week. They should've done better, but they played some really spotty games. And it looks like one of our players (a potential starter) has a serious attitude problem.

I saw Bad Boys 2 yesterday afternoon. It ruled. Shit blowed up. Ass was whupped. Nobody was as fucking dumb as Tea Leoni's character in the first film. I also saw Johnny English. (Dan called while I was in the first theater) afterwards. It was pretty bad. John Malkovich was kinda funny, he was so over-the-top as the French villain, but I've seen him play much better, much cooler villains. I have to wonder if he took a bath on tech stocks or something else, that he really needed the money. 'Cause the rest of the movie was so bad... This movie made Spy Hard look like an Oscar contender.

Then we went back to Dan's, hung out in the Westwood Club spa for a while, then watched Full Metal Jacket. We had people with us who had not yet been introduced to the glory that is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

Oh yeah... in karate today, the guest instructor we had made reference to gouging an opponent's eyes (in a street fight.) I held my tongue and did not ask if it was appropriate to skull-fuck the opponent afterwards.
Enterprise Bridge


The Bad Mother Fucker wallet I bought from an English site (referenced by jwz) is actually made in Las Vegas. And they make an embroidered version.

At least the pad-printed version I have doesn't cost much more than what I paid the English company.