July 14th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge


My last baseball game is scheduled for next Sunday morning (a make-up due to a rain-out in May.) This coincides with the last day of Comic-Con, which I previously thought wouldn't be an issue... Sunday's a short day (to allow people to pack up and go home,) so I expected not to miss anything if I didn't go. But now I discover Ed Brubaker (Sleeper, Deadenders) and Greg Rucka (Queen And Country) are doing a panel at 1:30. I can just make that if I hurry. I don't think I'll even have to worry about parking... IIRC, there's a 24 Hour Fitness next to the trolley in National City, close to my game.

JMS is scheduled for Room 3 at 2:00, with Fiona Avery and Samm Barnes. I do not think Room 3 is big enough. You'd think the schedulers would know that by now...