July 12th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

God, I'm getting really lazy

All three kleenex boxes in the house are empty now (bedroom, computer, and living room table.) I think there are spares in the upstairs linen closet, but I haven't even bothered myself to check, let alone to set them out. (Instead, walking all the way into a bathroom every time I need to blow my nose.) Actually, it may not be laziness, it may be part of my weird idiosyncracy to block my task list when a particular task has gone on too long without completion. (In this case, the garage drywall, which is 80% done, and should finish this afternoon.)

The house is not cleaned, the papers are not filed, and nothing new is packed into boxes. (I did bag and board most of the comics I've picked up the last three months, but only because the stack kept sliding over, and I was afraid something would get torn.)

And I won't go look now, because I need to get dressed nowso I can make my eye doctor's appointment in an hour.
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