July 6th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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I discovered something recently about southern California.

People here don't send their kids away to summer camp. Surely a few must, but it's so rare that it was unheard of amongst the parents I asked about it. It was very common amongst my peers growing up in Northbrook. Some people went for a week or two, some for six or eight weeks (which is most of the summer.) Many of them started going when they were 7 or 8, and some kept going on into high school.
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Enterprise Bridge

Checked off...

  • The shelves on the unfinished garage wall are down, they may be re-mounted on the other wall sometime, or they may not
  • The unfinished wall in the garage is now fully insulated, and the one sheet of drywall I have is up. I'll get the remaining four tomorrow. The insulation is less for heat than for soundproofing and the fact that I had leftover insulation that had to go somewhere
  • The garage is pretty clean, the workbench's contents are sorted and boxed, as are the IBC bottles and other stuff to be shot at in Ramona sometime soon
  • The ceiling is partly ripped out of the downstairs bathroom. The source of the water leak that ruined it was located, it turned out to be the shower pipe arm, in the upstairs bathroom, which wasn't screwed in all the way. The pipe wasn't puttied or Teflon-taped, so I suspect it had been dripping for years before I bought this house.
  • The shower pipe arm is replaced, and properly taped this time (and taped heavily, so that it would be in the proper position when properly tightened)
  • The comics are mostly bagged and boarded, they'll be sorted tonight.
  • The laundry is done.

Yow. Poway American beat Encinitas National (CA District 31 Little League Majors,) so PALL will play Poway National on Wednesday. We saw that matchup last year...

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