June 19th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Your Tax Dollars At Work, Protecting America

Northbrook Village Hall flagThis is one of the Village of Northbrook's dumbest ideas. Doing their part to inform its citizens of the danger posed by evil foreign terrorists, they now fly a flag showing the current terror threat condition for yellow and above. It flies over the Village Hall and the three fire stations.

Feh. Stupid panicmongers.

Oh... as it turns out, the agreement the school district made the powderpuff girls sign in order to get their diplomas doesn't merely forbid them from selling their story. It forbids them from discussing it with anybody, period! School district lawyer Lawrence Weiner whines (natch,) "You know how many errors there were in this thing? I'd spend 24 hours a day correcting them." He goes on to cloak the requirement in the veil of letting the perpetrators "go on with their lives".

Fuck that, Larry. It's all about spin control. The school board holding your leash is desperate to protect its precious image. That's all this is about, and absolutely nothing more.

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