June 11th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Craft Stores == Movie Theaters?

One of the minor headaches of baseball is wet weather. You wear cleats (preferably metal ones) to get a better grip on the ground. But wet dirt tends to clump up between them, so instead of seven or eight metal spikes poking into the earth, giving you something to exert force against, you have two rounded clods of slippery earth that slides along. Tongue depressors do a fine job of scraping that mud out of the way.

Rite-Aid does not sell tongue depressors. Three different kinds of enemas, a dozen different brands of pseudoephedrine, but no tongue depressors. WTF?

I finally found them at Michael's. You can buy them in a bag of 75 for $2.99, or you can buy a whole box of 300 for $3.29. Yup, for thirty cents more, you get four times as many. So who are the craft stores sharing part of their revenue with that they too need to resort to this kind of pricing on some of their merchandise?!?